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How Journaling Can Help You Walk Closer to God

Two copies of the Quiet Place Journal by Jenny Hale Woldt. One journal is open to the month of January, and the other is closed featuring its cover.
Explore the power of journaling as a spiritual practice, fostering intimacy with the Divine and drawing closer to God, with insights from The Quiet Place.

Journaling as a spritual practice may seem relatively simple on the surface – just grabbing a notebook and pen to write down one's thoughts and feelings. However, when we pause to truly contempalte this act, we uncover layer upon layer of profound meaning.

Our lives today move at a breakneck pace. We are constantly doing, doing, doing, bounding from one task or digital distraction to another. Rarely do we come up for air long enough to process what is happening within our inner landscape. And yet, our connection with the Divine can be nurtured in these quiet moments of stillness.

As our world grows increasingly chaotic, nurturing an inner life with God becomes ever more critical. An impactful way to foster intimacy with the Divine is through journaling – recording your prayers, spiritual journey, and how God moves in your life.

If you long to draw closer to God through a journaling practice, The Quiet Place: A Prayer Journal and Walk Through the Holy Land is the book for you. This illuminating book provides monthly writing prompts for reflection alongside a visually stunning tour of the Holy land. Author Jenny Hale Woldt vulnerably shares her faith story, intertwined with biblical truth that will educate and inspire you. This journaling resource allows you to chronicle answers prayers and document how God reveals Himself to you each day.

Journaling carves out dedicated space for reflection and contemplation – a resting place for the soul if you will. As we spill words onto the blank page, we enter a healing dialogue with our inner self and the higher power we call God. Questions arise, realizations dawn, inspirations unfold. By witnessing these inner workings through writing, new understandings that provide comfort, direction, and even revelation bubble up.

Gratitude in Chaos

Sometimes, our journal entries take the form of gratitude as we document the blessings sprinkled into our days, no matter how chaotic they might feel in the moment. Writing out what we are thankful for – the lover who brought us coffee in bed, the purring cat snuggled on our lap, the golden rays of sun shining through the window – awakens us to the gifts always present in our life, gifts sent from above.

Power of Vulnerability in Journaling

Our journal becomes the receptacle for prayers uttered, dreams captured, and doubts confessed. To see those vulnerable words physically manifest on the page is to acknowledge their reality and honor their validity. And somehow, in giving them space to be, we feel heard by the Universe in the most profound way. Almost as if the paper itself becomes the holy ground on which we meet the Sacred.

The Divine Presence

Journaling allows us to bear witness to our personal evolution as well. For within those pages lies the story only we can tell – of obstacles overcome, changes endured, and wisdom accrued over time. When we read back through past journal entries, it is as if God is speaking directly to us, saying, "I was with you then. I am with you now." What better way to foster an unshakable faith?

Picking up a pen and writing from the heart is no small act. It is the gateway to Truth. By dedicating time to this spiritual practice, the Divine meets us where we are. And where shall It lead us but to greater love within our own soul and a deeper connection to the Infinite One from whom we came? What a wondrous journey awaits when we offer openness through journaling.

If you desire a more prosperous prayer life and seek spiritual grounding, obtain a copy of The Quiet Place without delay. Review Jenny’s incredible journey while recording your own. Let this anointed journal guide you into deeper intimacy with God as you walk through the Holy Land from the quiet space. Allow Him to open your eyes to blessings abounding, even on the most challenging days. Seek a quiet place. Let His peace fill you.

The Quiet Place by Jenny Hale Woldt is available in English and Spanish.

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