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The Movie

Hope and a Future

A chance backstage introduction changes the life of an ambitious young indie artist

and takes her from the stage to a cage in a blink of a an eye. She comes face to face

with losing everything she holds dear — including her own life. As she attempts to

regain her life and career, she finds herself helping other women, bringing all of them

hope and a future.

Story by:  Jenny Hale Woldt 

Director:  Ricky Burchell

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Hope and A Future Trailer
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Hope and A Future Trailer

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In a dark twist of the prodigal son, Ariella, a talented and ambitious musician, leaves home to follow Jericho, an up-and-coming rock star, to Miami on his promise to further promote her career. But when things don’t go as planned, Ariella is caught trafficking narcotics into the US and is sent

to prison where she must come to grips with her past, her present, and her eternal future.

Main Character

Ariella is a girl who seemingly has it all; a good home, a loving family, and more than her fair share of musical talent and a promising future. But when she meets Jericho, she gambles what she has for what she wants and follows him to Miami in order to bolster her own career.

But her trust in Jericho is quickly shaken when he neglects to follow through on his promise of helping her and instead focuses solely on his own career. Despite this, Ariella remains hopeful, even to the point of supporting them

financially with money from her trust fund.

But when Bella and Nick, Ariella’s parents, remove her from the trust fund, this drives a wedge into the relationship and further alienates Ariella from her parents. This alienation is further exacerbated when Ariella, now imprisoned for drug trafficking to make ends meet, admits to having lost

her baby during an accidental overdose.

As Ariella’s life continues to spiral out of control, she meets Patti, her Christian cellmate and the embodiment of hope in a hopeless situation. After Patti sacrifices herself to the prison bully for Ariella’s sake, Ariella finally accepts the Lord and her life takes a drastic turn for the better.

In many regards, Ariella journey leads to the discovery of both the Hope of a better life  here on earth and the Future life in glory that all Christians share.

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